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Tinawi International Group has always been at the forefront since it was founded in 2005, located in Damascus, Syria.  We are a leading company, involved in business development, marketing, organizing conferences & exhibition worldwide, scientific research awards in the field of engineering and medicine. We market international medical conferences in and outside Syria; agents of many int'l conferences organizers & medical supplies companies for the Middle East and got many authorizations agencies of distinguished notified bodies for ISO certificates.


To be the leading company in the Middle East in marketing, organizing conferences & exhibitions, and business development worldwide.



To satisfy the dynamic market needs by providing higher quality services to meet customer’s satisfaction.

Payment Method

Syrian Commercial Bank

Damascus Main Branch, Account No.(xxx-yyy-zzz)

Money Transfere (TTR)

Al-Haram Damascus Main Branch, Account No.(111-222-333)

Internet Payment

PayPal Account No.(xxx-111-yyy-222-zzz-333)

Authorizations & Agencies

We have authorizations from the following international organizations in the of conferences & exhibitions organizing for the Middle East:

1. Madridge, Inovine (USA)
2. ME, Pulsus, EuroSiCon, Allied Academies (UK)
3. Scientific Federation (India)
4. Mondial Congress (Austria)

Moreover, we got authorizations from the following European medical supplies companies for Syria, Lebanon and Iraq:

1. Formesa, Carlo De Giorgi, Anteea, Eme (Italy)
2. Chirastar (Czech Republic)

In addition, we have agencies of the following distinguished notified bodies for ISO certificates:

1. TNV, Guardian (UK)
2. TNV (India)
3. AQC (United Arab Emirates)

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About Us

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